Monday, January 25, 2010

Update from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption…….

I'm not sure what you can make of this? It looks like they are working on a plan to take orphans (at least the 20,000 living in orphanages and maybe more children) out of Haiti so that these kids can be safe. Some will be housed in orphanages, others will go to foster homes. It looks like they will go to many countries, not just the USA. And this is a work in progress...details are being worked out now. I'm pretty sure they will not allow these kids to be adopted right away. They will want time to make sure families in Haiti can come forward to claim their kids. This is good and right! If/when this happens it means 1000's of foster families need to come forward. It is a time for the church to open its arms!

You can read it HERE.

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