Saturday, January 30, 2010

The poor will be glad

I'm reading the book, "The poor will be glad". It talks about helping the poor so they can become self sustaining. In the book there is a story about a poor mother in Haiti. Her child had a very bad ear infection. The child needed immediate help. They(Hope International) was involved in long term community development projects. The hope was that the mother could be able to provide for the needs of her children. But that long term goal would do nothing for the Childs immediate need so they paid for the treatment of the child. Haiti has immediate needs and long term development needs. The whole world wants Haiti to build back better. We want to see the country become prosperous and self sustaining. But it's immediate needs are over whelming. We can not put off the immediate needs of the orphans (food, water, safe housing, education, health, and love). I believe they (the government of Haiti) must let adoptive parents take care of the immediate needs of orphans, while development makes it possible for future children to stay in Haiti because their families will be able to care for them.

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