Tuesday, January 26, 2010

UNICEF needs to deal in reality!

I agree with the over all goals of UNICEF. They are involved in the education, feeding, and protection of children in 191 countries around the world. My dinning room has 24 UNICEF collector plates hanging on the walls. I am not opposed to UNICEF. But I disagree with their call to ban International adoptions in Haiti. Haiti had 380,000 known orphans before the earth quake. I do not believe in illegal or shady adoptions. But when good families that are properly screened go through a process to adopt children that are also screened…these adoptions should be allowed to be processed. UNICEFS all out ban is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater! All they are doing now is counting orphans. They are not protecting, educating, housing or feeding them. The reality is they can not effectively do this. If International adoption was allowed, the known orphans of Haiti could leave the country and the new orphans could be cared for in the orphanages that are now over crowded. I honestly don’t know what can be done. I just pray for this wall to be kicked down. I’m sure there are thousands of families more then willing to receive the children if they would be allowed to leave Haiti. Please pray with me. Sometimes you just wonder if the diplomat’s are more concerned with their ideals then the reality that is staring them in the face. They can not really protect the children in Haiti. They need to allow them to immigrate to safe and loving homes abroad. I see a picture of the thousands of frustrated doctors in Haiti that in principle could have saved limbs from amputation “ if only” they had the right medication and proper care available. The reality was they didn’t! Thousands of people in Haiti lost limbs to save their lives! That is the reality!!! And thousands of orphans in an ideal world would be better off not having to leave their home countries. If only they could find a safe home in extended families or host families. That is the ideal. But that wasn’t even happening before the earth quake! It isn’t going to happen now either! UNICEF needs to deal in reality!

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