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From Cry Haiti blog

Peterson arrived at God's Littlest Angels yesterday. A month ago, he weighed 16lb. Four weeks later, he is down to 9.5lb.

He came to us from an orphanage that was badly damaged by the magnitude 7 earthquake that rocked Haiti on the 12th of January. The children at that orphanage have been sleeping outside, and they have not been receiving adequate food or even the most basic of medicines.

Peterson has pneumonia, profuse diarrhoea and a heavy infestation of worms. Had he not been transferred to God's Littlest Angels, I don't not believe he would have lived to see the weekend. He was on IV fluids up until this morning. It is very important that we begin re-nourishing this baby, who is so weak that he can barely open his eyes.

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Hope for Haiti

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oh boy!

I pray they slap their hands and send them home! Really, it was the wrong thing to do but they clearly meant well. Haiti doesn't need the American public to sour on them. They need the support of the USA, they should just ship them home.

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In Haiti, children are regularly loaned to other households, and the unluckiest are treated like slaves. The quake won't change that.

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UNICEF and International Adoptions from Haiti

This is from GLA blog

I wanted to debate with UNICEF! I was talking but nobody could hear me! UNICEF is putting all abandoned children in a tent city! When we have a beautiful facility with Haitian and foreign nurses, a pediatrician and a general doctor on call, teachers, school, and 70 trained child care staff that can provide for them so much better than UNICEF! I wrote one of the doctors that is responsible for the placement of the children and told him I was upset and he wrote me back that he would talk with his health team and get back to me tomorrow. Why is UNICEF taking over Haiti’s abandoned children? IBESR should be responsible for Haiti’s abandoned children.

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It is my hope that this was just a group of misguided people that meant well, not people who wanted to make money by selling kids. I hope the judge just kicks them out of Haiti and they go back home. I also pray this does not hurt adoption in Haiti. Legal adoption is a good thing. I have to shake my head...what were they thinking trying to just take kids to a different country? You can not just take children. That's kidnapping!