Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I agree that new adoptions of children just identified as orphans should be put on hold. I disagree with UNICEF on the issue of all orphans. Haiti had 380,000 known orphans before the earth quake. These children should be identified and made available for International foster care (and eventually adoption). If the children are in screened and monitored foster families, family members in Haiti can still claim them. I totally do not understand how UNICEF plans to care for all these kids in Haiti. It seems to me the risk of children being trafficked would be greater in Haiti because there is so many kids and so little help there. I do not believe in “private” adoption. I believe in a fair and honest adoption that involves home studies and a great deal of over site. Clear rules can be laid down to protect the children. The bottom line is we all want to protect the kids and birth families. We just have very different ideas about how this can be done. Some think the kids should stay in Haiti, others think they would be better off outside of Haiti. I think the “new orphans” should stay in Haiti and the pre earth quake orphans should be in foster care internationally. I do not have “all wisdom”. I pray God gives wisdom to the people who are calling the shots. I think when the dust settles it will be clear what needs to be done.

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